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Facility Usage

Below you will find the necessary information about facility use at Grace of God Lutheran Church in Oakdale, MN.

At the bottom of the pages there are two links. One to the application needed in pdf format and one to all this information including the application all in one pdf file.

Building Rules & Facility Use Policy

Grace of God Lutheran Church is an active part of our growing community and intends to make its property 

available to members and non-members (non-profit groups) when scheduling permits.  Upon completion of the 

FACILITY USE REQUEST FORM, approval/denial is made by the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors 

reserves the right to amend or make exceptions to the understated policies, rules, and fees for usage of all 


General policies: 

1. Who may use the facilities (in order of priority):  

a. GOG church groups or church members using the church as part of ministry 

b. Groups that come as invited guests 

c. Service and charitable organizations will be considered 

d. Outside social, civic, educational and non-service groups or individuals 

2. Who may not use the facilities:  

a. Partisan political groups 

b. Organizations whose activities are in conflict with the mission and doctrine of Grace of 

God Lutheran Church 

3. Criteria to determine building use will include but not be limited to: 

a. Activity fits with who we are and what we believe 

b. Space availability 

c. Use impacts other programs 

d. Evaluation of safety/legal issues 

e. Group understands respect for property 

f. Falls within the requirements of the current building lease agreement 

4. Scheduled church meetings and events take precedence over rental of facilities. 

5. Pre-authorized rental or use of facility can be cancelled prior or during such event.  Emergency 

church meetings, funerals, and disaster (natural or man-made) meeting centers will be prioritized.  

Any monies paid for rental of such facility will be refunded. 

6. Cancellation of a reserved facility must be given to the church as early as possible before date of 

event.  If custodial hours are spent for readiness of rented facility, a set up fee will be assessed 

from the secured deposit. 

7. The capacity of the facility should not exceed fire code capacity at any one time. (Need to confirm 


8. Weddings or any other religious ceremonies must be in accordance with the mission, beliefs and 

doctrine of Grace of God Lutheran Church. 

9. Event hours will not start before 8:00 a.m. or proceed past 9:00 p.m without prior approval.  

Activity is restricted only to predetermined areas. 

10. Kitchen use will only be for storage and preparation of food for such event.  The Fellowship 

Committee will instruct the responsible adult event coordinator or representative on proper 

equipment operation. The persons or groups using the facility must provide paper products, coffee 

and other food items. 


11. The responsible adult representative is accountable for cleaning up any foodstuff, table coverings, 

decorations, displays, and any other ornamentation placed by the rental participants.  Basic 

janitorial supplies (mops, brooms, and cleaning agents) and refuse disposal are made available. 

12. If minors are to be present, a minimum of two adults must be present at all times. 

13. An event monitor designated by the Board of Directors is provided for inspection of facilities with 

the responsible adult representative 30 minutes prior to and during cleanup of such event.   

14. Damages incurred to equipment, furnishings, or facilities will be assessed to user.  Report any 

damage to the facilities or equipment to the event monitor. 

15. The use of candles is allowed only with prior approval and in designated areas. 

16. No alcoholic beverages are allowed anywhere on the church property before, during, or after the 

authorized event. 

17. No tobacco products, controlled substances/drugs or weapons are permitted inside the confines of 

the Grace of God facility. 

18. No equipment is to be moved from the inside to the outside the confines of the structural building 

without prior approval. No equipment will be relocated from the pre-authorized areas to another 

area of the church without prior approval. 

19. Fundraising activities must be sponsored and/or related to Grace of God Lutheran Church and its 

approved organizations.  No chance, lottery, or raffle activities may be conducted. 

20. All signs, postings, and decorations must be pre-approved by the Board of Directors.  Any signs, 

postings and/or decorations of a religious nature contrary to the beliefs and tenets of Grace of God 

Lutheran Church are specifically prohibited.  Violation will result in the forfeit of deposit and may 

be restricted from future use.  

21. Grace of God Lutheran Church is not liable for any personal injury or loss occurring within the 

building or its premises in relation to a stated use. 

Facility Usage Fee Schedule

The fee schedule pertains to all rentals of facilities with the exclusion of weddings and funerals.  The fees as 

shown below are based on a four-hour block usage of time. 

                                                          Member                                           Non-Member 

Worship area                                       $50.00                               $100.00 plus $50.00 deposit 

Fellowship area                                   $25.00                                 $50.00 plus $50.00 deposit 


 1) Light usage                                 No charge                               $25.00 plus $25.00 deposit 

 2) Moderate to full usage                    $25.00                                $50.00 plus $50.00 deposit 

Classrooms                                          $15.00                                $30.00 plus $25.00 deposit 

Audio-Visual Equipment 


 1) Television and VCR                      No charge                                           $20.00 

 2) Overhead projector & screen        No charge                                      Not available 

Set up fee (if required)                       No charge                                         $10/hour 



Each request must be approved and have fees assigned.  When fees are paid the event will be scheduled on 

a first paid, first secured basis.  The entire fee will be returned for cancellation notices given four (4) days in 

advance of scheduled event.  Cancellations of less than four (4) days may result in forfeiture of deposit. 


The deposit will be completely refunded if church facility(s) and equipment are left in original condition.  If 

damages occur or additional cleanup is required, the cost will be taken out of the deposit.  Any damages 

incurred above the aforementioned deposit will be assessed to the event coordinator. 


For non-member rentals see fee above.  If the facility requires more than 2 hours of cleaning then an 

additional $10.00 per custodial hour will be assessed to the event coordinator and will be secured from the 



Depending on the event, the Board of Directors may decide a monitor  from the church is required and assess 

a fee. This is in addition to any aforementioned costs. 


Click here to get the Facility Usage Application for Grace of God Lutheran Church


Click here to get all of this information and the application.

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