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At Grace of God we try to serve our congregation through many different ministry options. 

Prawl Shawl Ministry

A year ago, Grace of God began a “prayer shawl” ministry.  Shawls are knit or crocheted by members at Grace of God and shared with those who may be in grief, suffering illness, alone, or going through a difficult time.  The shawls represent the love and support of our community of faith and the presence of Christ in dark times.  They are designed to be word around the shoulders like a “hug” from friends at Grace of God.  The shawls are set apart with prayer and delivered to recipients.  Seven shawls have been given already.

Trish has prepared kits for you. Talk to her for a kit with the pattern or use your own. These shawls are given to those who are sick or in need as a reminder of Christ's love and support. Thanks to those contributing their handiwork to this loving ministry.

    GRACE OF GOD MISSION STATEMENT: Grace of God is a Christ-centered community gathered around Word and Sacrament, preaching Christ crucified, serving our neighbor and discovering what it means to live under the grace of God.

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