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Grace of God is a distribution site for a non profit organization called Fare For All. Their goal is to provide healthy food at reasonable cost while diminishing food waste. Please shop. The more we sell the more Fare For All can reach those who really need it!

For more information on Fare For All visit their website www.fareforall.org

Every month there will be 3 packs to choose from:
The produce pack $10
The mini meat pack $11 (usually pork free) 3-4 frozen meat items
The mega meat pack $25 7-9 frozen meat items
The combo pack $20 - combine the produce pack and the mini meat pack and save $1
There is no limit to how many of these packs you can buy

The will also be special "hot buys" that may have limits per household and there will be special "holiday packs" available at certain times of the year.

The distribution hert Grace of God will happen monthly from 3:30-5:30 on the following dates in 2018:

January 29th

February 26th

March 19th

April 23rd

May 21st

June 25th

July 23rd

August 20th

September 24th

October 22nd

November 19th

December 17th

Miss a Sunday? Out of town? Don't miss Pastor Jon's sermon. He keeps a blog. Visit it by clicking the image above.

Grace of God Lutheran Church rents its space to members and non-members alike. Need some space for a one time gig or a recurring even? Click the photo above for all the information about using our facilities.

Ever been to a church pot luck and loved one of the salads so much that you asked everyone, "Who made that salad?"
Ever tracked them down and asked for the recipe?

Well this is how we, here at Grace of God exchange recipes in those situation. Click on the image above to view and submit recipes. Haven't been to a pot luck recently but have a great recipe with a story behind it that you just HAVE to share. Click the image!

    GRACE OF GOD MISSION STATEMENT: Grace of God is a Christ-centered community gathered around Word and Sacrament, preaching Christ crucified, serving our neighbor and discovering what it means to live under the grace of God.

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