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Grace of God Lutheran Church
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Sunday Mornings 9am
Sunday Mornings 9am

Gathering for worship is the most important thing we do together at Grace of God.  It is in the context of worship that we hear God’s Word and claim his promises.  It is in worship that we celebrate the Lord’s Supper and Baptism — the sacraments through which our Lord forgives sin, and delivers from death and the devil.  It is in worship that we receive absolution and experience his grace.  Worship is where we gather in the name of Jesus and in the shadow of his cross.  It is also in this context of Word and Sacrament that we confess our faith, support one another in prayer and sing our praises to the triune God. Visitors are always welcome at Grace of God. Small children are welcome in worship.

The pattern of worship has been handed down through the centuries and includes hymns and liturgies which have sustained the faithful in many generations.  Worship is also a living, growing thing to which each generation contributes.

The worship style at Grace of God respects the liturgical tradition of the church and reflects the generation in which we live.  It is Bible-based, God-directed and Christ-centered. 

We use the following liturgies in our Sunday morning worship:

  • Lutheran Book of Worship (settings one and two)
  • Evangelical Lutheran Worship (setting one)
  • With One Voice (Light of Christ setting)
  • “Now the Feast and Celebration” by Marty Haugen
  • “Alleluia!” setting by Sharon Dennis and Doris MacDonald.

​​Join us for coffee and treats after worship in the gathering space following worship!

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Our baptismal font was dedicated in worship April 5th, 2015. It is a beautiful bowl made by Kerry Brooks of Dock 6 Pottery in Minneapolis. It is made of pottery and fused glass. The shimmering highlights remind us of the new life God gives to his children through water and the word. The three ripples in the edge symbolize the Trinity whose name we bear and whose relationship with us gives form and shape to our lives. The funds for the baptismal font and its wooden stand were given by an anonymous donor.

Our Paschal Candle
The word paschal refers to the passion, death, and resurresction of Jesus - the work God gave to his Son Jesus to accomplish for humanity (it comes from the Hebrew word for Passover). Also called the "Easter Candle," it symbolizes the living presence of the eternal Christ the light of the world. The letters Alpha and Omega symbolize Christ who has no beginning and no end. The current year, 2015, on the candle reminds us that he is alive with us now and in the midst of his people. The five wax nails represent the five wounds of Christ (three nails that pierced his hands and feet, the spear thrust into his side, and the thorns that crowned his head).
The Paschal Candle is lit for the 50 days of Easter ad at every baptism and funeral.

Click here to see photos and explanations of the CHRISMONS that decorate our Christmas Tree.
    GRACE OF GOD MISSION STATEMENT: Grace of God is a Christ-centered community gathered around Word and Sacrament, preaching Christ crucified, serving our neighbor and discovering what it means to live under the grace of God.

    Grace Of God
    420 Hayward Ave. North
    Oakdale, MN 55125
    Phone: 651-730-4900
    Email: Jon Marxhausen